How To Cancel A Class

#1While on the store, click the "Sign in/Sign up" button in the upper right hand corner. If you do not have an account, this is where you can register for one.

#2 Once you have signed in, click on the "My account" button in the upper right hand corner where the "Sign in/Sign up" button had been. This will display a drop down menu where you should click on "Orders list."

#3 A list of your orders will be displayed. Browse and locate the order that has the class that you would like to cancel. Clicking the plus (+) sign next to the order number will give a list of the classes included in the order. This list will not include the details about the classes or items such as the date of the class. Clicking on the order number itself will open the order and show the details of the order. At this point, a return can be created by clicking "Return" to the right of the order date. For demonstration purposes we will continue as though the order number has been clicked...

#4Once the order is opened and it is confirmed that this is the class to be canceled/returned, click the "Claim return" link located above the Invoice number.

#5Click on the checkbox to the left of the class you would like to cancel. Once selected, move to the "Reason" dropdown menu and select the reason Finally, click the "Submit return" button at the bottom of the invoice under the comments section.

#6 The page should now display the edited order stating "Order return" and showing a status of "Issued." Once approved by our staff an email will automatically be sent stating the successful canc.