How to Register for Classes with a Class Pass

#1While on the Misty Pines site, click the link in the upper navigation bar that says "Register for Classes." This will take you to the Classes and Events category of our online store.

#2 Choose the category that you would like to register for class. For this demonstration we will register for Level 1 in Obedience Classes category.

#3 Once your click the category title, you will arrive at the category and see the list of all the classes found in that category. Once here, click on the class that you would like.

#4On the class page, choose the class day and time that you would like and then continue to enter the requested information till complete. Then click the "Add to cart" button.

#5When the class has been added to the cart, a notification will be displayed at the top of the screen that says, "Product has been added to your cart." The shopping bag icon at the top right corner of the screen will update with a blue dot and a number. The number indicates how many items are currently in your cart.

#6 Once the item is added to the cart, shopping can be continued or you can proceed to the check-out. To proceed to the check-out, click on the shopping bag icon in the upper right corner of the screen. This will open the cart and display options to "View Cart" or "Check Out." In this demonstration we will choose to check out.

#7 At this point you will need to choose whether to login if you already have an account or if you would like to check out anonymously. It is recommended to create an account for faster checkouts in the future and to keep track of your previously attended classes.

#8 Enter your information at checkout and be sure to choose "Class Pass" as your payment method. This will not change the amount due, however it will not be required to input a credit card number to complete the check out process.

#9 When the order is complete a new screen will be displayed showing a message that says, "Thank you for your order." and displays the billing and shipping information provided along with the list of any and all classes and products purchased. This screen also provides the order number associated with this order.