Interactive Toys

At Misty Pines we call these Prolonged Release Interactive Food Dispensing Devices. All toys are interactive, that is their nature, but these types of devices are used specifically to dole out food at a slow, possibly user defined, rate to keep a dog's interest while not requiring continuing effort on the part of the owner or caregiver. Each item in this category will give your dog a mental and physical challenge that they will find enjoyable and rewarding. You can feel good using these interactive toys knowing that your dog will be happier and more satisfied because you took the time to provide an outlet for their energy.

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  • Bento Ball

    It's the half ball that's twice the fun! The Everlasting Bento Ball can be filled with food or any snack your dog enjoys and then capped with one Everlasting Treat.

    • $11.99
  • Bob-A-Lot

    Exercise and feed your dog with the fully adjustable wobbling Bob-A-Lot. A great interactive toy for dogs of all sizes, activity and tenacity levels. Bob-a-lot dispenses treats as it is knocked around or spun to provide hours of stimulation.

    • $17.99
  • Everlasting Treatball

    Provide hours of interactive chewing fun for your dog with the Everlasting TreatBall

    • $12.99
  • Orbee-Tuff Mazee

    Planet Dog’s Orbee-Tuff Mazee is engaging, rewarding, and fun! This interactive dog puzzle toy is great for bored pups who need a rewarding brain teaser or to encourage slower eating habits in fast eaters. The tinted and pliable Orbee-Tuff TPE shell design is combined with the plastic inner maze to entice all your dog’s senses! Cleaning is simple and fast. Just fill the ball with warm water and gentle soap, shake, rinse out, and air dry. This toy is intended for supervised fun and is not a chew toy or suitable for aggressive chewers.

    • $16.99
  • Treat Dispensing Chew Ball

    This stuffable toy is designed to keep the dog busy and provide physical exercise as well as mental exercise. As the dog chews it is getting physical exercise and dealing with its instinctive need to chew. While playing with the toy, it is getting mental exercise by trying to figure out the best way to get to the treats that are stored inside.

    • $9.99